Frustration Friday: So How Many Job Openings Are There?

Yes, we know employment sucks in . . . . er, a lot of the world.  We know people are having trouble finding work.  Sure in some cases it's obvious – lack of demand, unused cash, lack of stimulus, etc.  But there's something else I'm noticing as I talk with people.

Namely – how many job openings are there really?

See, I'm not sure really:

Recruiters I know seem desperate for people.

  • Job openings don't seem to line up with, well, the amount of people finding work.
  • It seems hiring people takes so long because of the laundry lists, people miss hiring people.
  • I'm not sure who's not hiring just due to economic uncertainty, wanting tax breaks, etc.
  • Regional differences are, often . . . insane.

So yes, we know there's a large part of unemployment due to structural issues, economic issues, industry changes, etc.  But I'm wondering what part of it is due to things that aren't such issues, that could be addresssed – and I don't know.

I'd like to know. It'd help me help others. 

Steven Savage