News Of The Day 8/24/2011

Steve Jobs left Apple. Yeah, what kind of lead did you expect?

Yes Another Big Story:

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple Yes, Steve jobs has resigned as CEO. I'm sure we can analyze the bejeesus out of this, so let's just wait a bit.

The thing to remember about the short-term is that we'll almost certainly be around when the long-term shows up..

A federal judge put all foreclosures in Rhode Island on hold, apparently due to the MERS mess. It gets better as a ruling opens the door to questioning any foreclosure based on MERS data. MERS sounds like a mess anyway, so if this keeps going we could see a massive stop of foreclosures . . .

This could provoke (more) federal action and expose MERS to more public scrutiny. That could result in the story getting into mass public consciousness, and believe me people aren't sympathetic to the banks and MERS is going to make them look worse.

More Bank of America Death Watch IF you're up for some serious analysis – an attempt to look at their financial situation, which isn't reassuring and is damned hard to sort out. Bank states are hard to assess in good times anyway . . .

Score one for originality, the 'Ouija' film appears to be halted. Now for terrifying, Taylor Lautner may still be Stretch Armstrong.

This is either stupid or brilliant, but as it's Bunchball I'm gonna side on Brilliant: Bunchball has gameification tools for Salesforce. Yes, making using Salesforce more gamelike. This is weird yet also kind of cool – take note as it shows Gameification can enter some unexpected areas.

Perpetually-doomed Hulu may become more of a network. At this rate I have no idea anymore and kinda think it's doomed one way or another. Certainly not-resume-worthy, and I think a lot o networks are now monetizing content on their own.

Netflix is relocating and expanding in Silicon Valley. Sounds like more is up – so why not toss them a resume (hey, also remember someone's gotta do property and operations management).

Video Games:
OK, this is interesting. Deus Ex Human Revolution's PC version comes with a coupon to play it on OnLive. GameStop is removing these coupons saying that they were not informed of them previously and they don't want to promote a competitor. Remember that GameStop has it's own service coming anyway. A hint of future and current conflict – and a look at an interesting possibility of purchase-once-run-anywhere gaming options.

OnLive continues to grow with voice chat and parental controls. They're still not getting as much press as I'd expect, which intrigues me since I kind of figure they'd be all over the news. I guess GameStop (and others) have more to compete with . . .

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So . . . let's get it over with. What's gonna happen to Apple sans Steve Jobs?

Steven Savage