News Of The Day 8/25/2011

A bit of a light news day – but with the big Apple Story and Open Feint horning in on technical territory left by Apple, this gets pretty interesting . . .

More Apple Fallout:

Tim Cook says Apple isn't going to change. Smart, as there's no reason to change. Cook sounds like a good choice for CEO – though he might be transitional as he's a bit wonkish (which to me is a plus but I AM a process wonk)

The politics of Apple's change also enter into the arena of LGBT: Tim Cook is talented, process-oriented, gay (though he doesn't talk about it). Me I'm more thrilled to see a good process wonk in charge, but in a time of shall we say heated issues on gay rights, this may have implications for Apple and the Geekonomy.

Or to put it frankly, this'll bring out the homophobes in our charged atmosphere, and this will have implications. I'm hoping the Geekonomic culture sector makes a stand on this.

Have a roundup of resignation stories.

Warren Buffet invests in BofA. Ritholz has some thoughts here. Naked Capitalism is rather dismal about this. My take is Buffet did this to help the economy and make the point – but it's not a save.

Anime and Manga:
Ouran High School Host Club goes live TV? I didn't see that coming, but interesting – and might have a chance to be a live-anime crossover in America ('Myoshimon' sadly did not achieve that.).

Video Games:
As you probably heard Apple is changing it's identification system on mobile devices, which make it hard to track data and screws up things for games, advertisers, etc. Open Feint dives into the gap with their own identification system. Big play by Open Feint and intriguing as it means they're trying to become a kind of broker – and gives them advertising advantages. Very intriguing.

News Of The Day: What more is Open Feint going to try?

Steven Savage