Survey Sunday Roundup: Nintendo

So what should Nintendo do about the idea it's games should onon things like Tablets?  Here's what we discussed:

1. Should Nintendo put its games on non-Nintendo platforms?

  • 57.1% – Yes
  • 0.0% – Yes, but after another generation or two of hardware.
  • 14.3% – Yes, but special releases that aren't on any other platforms.
  • 14.3% – No.
  • 14.3% – It doesn't matter.

And our additional comments:

  • A mix. Some of their signature titles (Mario, f'rex) should remain Nintendo only. Others could be released to other platforms after a delay so the Nintendo platforms get the titles first.
  • REALLY depends on which Nintendo title you're talking about. Mario Kart iOS would thrive perfectly because there's a place for it in the casual app market, but a Zelda-RPG iOS? I'm pretty sure only the franchise fans would pick it up (not that pleasing them isn't just as important).
  • Nintendo already has before (Philips CD-i and PC); it did them no good.

The most intriguing idea I take away from this is this idea of paced, limited, focused releases for Nintendo products on other platforms.  I think not doing a wholesale migration, but a paced one is actually the most rational:

  • Nintendo could target games to markets appropriately.
  • Games on other platforms could act as draws to the Nintendo platforms.
  • Nintendo could adjust it's strategy over time as needed.
  • No giang conversion (like, say, the recent HP change).

So any other thoughts?

Steven Savage