Survey Sunday Roundup: The Order Of Publishing

So with eBooks affecting how fast publishers move from hardback to paperback, I asked some questions on what might happen last week – and here's the results!

1. eBooks are even changing when companies release the paperback version of hardcover books – it's Hardcover, eBook, and Paperback in most cases. So how is this order going to evolve?

  • 50% – It'll stay the same – Hardcover, eBook, Paperback.
  • 16.67% – Hardcover books are going to go away, they're too expensive.
  • 16.67% – The publishing order will be eBook, Paperback, and then Hardcover (maybe as a luxury item)
  • 16.67% – eBooks will come out first, and companies will gauge the need to go to physical print.

The orders we're pretty tight – and these all recieved 0's:

  • The publishing order will be Paperback, eBook, and then Hardcover.
  • Hardcovers will come out, with eBooks and Paperbacks coming at the same time.
  • Paperbacks will start vanishing, being replaced by eBooks.
  • Paperbacks will start vanishing, being replaced by eBooks.

I'm going to say I didn't expect these results – I'm a believer the cycle of books is going to change.  So it sounds like a lot of us think it's going to be same-old same-old.  Those of us that don't agree . . . aren't exactly sure how it will vary.

Steven Savage