Way With Worlds Update 4-4-2016!

(This column is posted at www.StevenSavage.com, www.SeventhSanctum.com, and Steve’s Tumblr) Been awhile since a Way With Worlds Update!  So let’s find out where we are on my essays-rewritten-and-now-a-book on worldbuilding. First, there’s a web page for the first book that … Continue reading

Link Roundup 11/19/2014

Media A cool resource to find where to watch your favorite media – WhereToWatch.com – get trendy as cord-cutting is really accelerating. Also – a free archive of 15,000 golden age comics! The original publisher and author of the Choose Your Own … Continue reading

Geek As Citizen: The Role Of Republishing

I’d like to take a break from my analysis of Geeks as Citizens to focus on something I’ve been thinking about in regard to our social role – specific advice as opposed to my more general ruminations. Actually, Geek As … Continue reading

Political ePublishing: A Frontier To Consider

We talk about publishing here a lot at Muse Hack. That’s because a lot of us are writers professional or otherwise. Also its because in an age of technology that has made self-publishing easy, there’s a lot to talk about. … Continue reading