Survey Sunday Roundup: Video Game Adaptions

So last week we were discussing video game adaptions.  What did our audience think?

1. Companies love turning video games into other media. What media do you think, in general, are best suited for game adaptions?

  • 33.3% – Novels
  • 33.3% – Short stories (perhaps several in a book)
  • 83.3% – Comics
  • 16.7% – Webcomics
  • 33.3% – Television Shows
  • 33.3% – Movies (Big Screen)
  • 33.3% – Movies (Small Screen)

As for other forms of media, people suggested:

  • Nothing – as it'd take away user agency
  • Manga/Manwha/Manhua
  • "Real Life Incidents"
  • Technically television – but mini-series might be better for some

2. What video games are ripe for adaption to other media – and list that other media if you want.

What we got:

  • Mercenaries and Mercenaries 2
  • Bioshock, Infamous
  • Mass Effect (tv or comic)
  • Dragon Age (HBO adaption or comic)

I will say Dragon Age DOES sound like something HBO would adapt pretty well.

Any more thoughts?

Steven Savage