Focused Fandom: Cosplay and Costuming – T-29 Days – Formatting

Well Rob and his wife just launched their webcomic, and now it's time for a countdown of my own!

I've been working on a book on cosplay, costuming, and careers the last two months, and will be launching it as an ebook at on October 4th or thereabouts (sometimes the file uploads get a bit tricky).  So youre going to be getting assorted random updates as I go through this process.  You've been warned.

So what is this?  Basically an ebook on how people can use costuming and cosplay in their careers, from finding a profession to finding ways it improves them professionally.

Right now it's in editing, which means it's A) out to my editors, B) is in the hands of the interested interviewees. 

This leads to an observation I want to share, and that observation is this:

Do not under any circumstances format a book, no matter what, until you have all the content in a reasonable format.

I say this because once you enter the world of formatting, of page breaks, of spacing, of justification, seemingly minor changes can blow your careful layouts to hell.  Take it from painful experience.

In this case, the book itself is going to be eBook only, with a potential print run if there's interest.  Formatting for print alone is nightmarish because you have to get raw prints to evaluate it – it adds weeks or a month to the process in my experience.

And as for my next report . . . well I'm not as organized as Rob in that regard, so we'll see . .

Steven Savage