Fanime 2018 Observation

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.) It may seem odd that as of late I’ve posted about animation, but my recent activities have put me in touch with some worth discussing.  My … Continue reading

An Interview With Liz Gmaz Of Studio Cosplay

We’re familiar with hackerspaces and makerspaces here at Musehack – but a Cosplayspace?  Yep, meet Studio Cosplay, which is opening a community workshop in 2015, located in Washington DC.  An entire space for a community to cosplay, share ideas, and … Continue reading

Link Roundup 12/3/2014

What’s worthy of your attention? Cosplay Abby of KeAbitum looks at the Cosplay Money fallacy. A con that’s hardcore focused on sculpting and practical skills? Meet ConStruct. And now a nonprofit makerspace community for cosplayers?  Meet Studio Cosplay. Culture Cracked looks … Continue reading

Link Roundup 11/19/2014

Media A cool resource to find where to watch your favorite media – – get trendy as cord-cutting is really accelerating. Also – a free archive of 15,000 golden age comics! The original publisher and author of the Choose Your Own … Continue reading