Fanime 2018 Observation

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.) It may seem odd that as of late I’ve posted about animation, but my recent activities have put me in touch with some worth discussing.  My … Continue reading

An Interview With Courtney Plante of the International Anime Project

Courtney Plante, aka “Nuka” is part of the International Anime Project. In short, they study Anime fandom – as part of a larger series of groups that study fandom. Yes, he has grant money to study fandom, so of course … Continue reading

Why The Next Anime Adaptions May Not Be Obvious – Or Exist

I’m starting to loose track of the amount of adaptions-of-anime going on in Japan. Yamato?  Check. Gatchaman?  Coming up. Captain Harlock?  Enjoy a badass trailer. Patlabor?  Coming. I would like to make an interesting speculation. You know how now and … Continue reading