Frustration Friday: Is It Just Me?

OK, is it just me or are we getting a  lot of Big Geekonomic Changes right now – usually related to IT?

  • HP starts it's slow-motion suicide.
  • Yahoo decides the reason it's board is incoherent is the CEO.
  • Steve Jobs steps down.
  • Google buys Motorola.

You get the idea.

So are we just overloaded with news at random?  Is there some big trend?  Is there a secret pattern to it all?  Am I using a lot of questions in one sentence?

This is one of those points where being a news enthusiast really gets strange because you wonder "is it just you?"  You wonder if you're seeing patterns that aren't there, reacting to normal trends just due to certain bits of data that you've projected on.  Your wonder about the world becomes wonder about you.

It's probably because it's so surreal lately – historic events happening left and right, even if they're kind of dismal (really, HP, seriously?).  History happens all the time, and maybe there's a lot going on in these Big Stories – or maybe it's just me noticing.

Yet, still I can't shake the fact that there's a LOT going on in the Geekonomy, and a lot going on in IT.  I think, to be serious for a moment, that the strange economy and constant changes have reached a point where a lot of historic stuff IS happening (and right before Q3 ends).  That's what I think.

But then of course I wonder . . . is it just me?

Steven Savage