T-24 Days: Oh, Editing

24 Days Until Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers comes out!

So I'm blowing half this weekend editing.

The reason I do this is I find it easy to edit in one, huge lump.  I get into the "zone," I get focused, I notice things, see patterns.  Admittedly after 180+ pages I'm probably going to be hallucinating things as well and become convinced semicolons are out to get me.

This is also a tricky time as the book isn't being edited in a "normal" fashion, but I'm taking feedback on the go.  This is because, simply, I'm experimenting with how I can streamline my writing process.  There's a chance I'm going to be so horrified after this weeked I might slow down.

But knowing me?  Probably not.

Steven Savage