Survey Sunday Roundup: From West To East

Last week we asked the question "From 'Powerpuff Girls' to 'Supernatural' to 'Iron Man', we're seeing Western properties get adapted as Japanese anime. Since we're always talking about potentially useful trends, what other Western properties do you see being a good adaption for anime – and would they "re-sell" well in the Western market?"

And what did you say?

  • Reboot might make for an interesting adaptation. Not sure if it'd re-sell, though.
  • Firefly could pick up a new following, being a combination of Space Opera and Western. Could also pick up a new following here
  • Jem & the Holograms seem to be a natural to adapt and would be a re-sell back in the Western Market.
  • Starlost and/or Metamorphosis Alpha (an old RPG that covers the same idea as Starlost) could be done and then have a decent return provided Harlan Ellison doesn't die of a conniption at the adaptations.
  • The Dresden Files. The action and humor would carry well with an anime translation, with enough familiarity of the US and western mythology that it wouldn't be difficult to sell back to the western market.
  • Harry Potter, the Elric novels, Dr.Who, Dune
  • Lord of the Rings (the books, not some rehash of the New Line films) in a Princess Mononoke-style anime. My friends and I are still debating its potential success…a lot say NO actually…
  • "Mine"
  • "Beer" (It's called sake, already)

My take on all of this is  . . . there's a lot I hadn't thought of.  Frankly I now see there's so many things that could get taken up in Japanese animation I'm surprised more hasn't been done.

Of course, maybe we just aren't aware of all the deals behind the scenes . . .

Steven Savage