Frustration Friday: Let’s Not Become Like The News

Kindle Fire. Apotheker out.  Lots and lots of big stories lately.

Me, I'm going to engage in a pre-emptive rant, and note two things A) There have been a lot of big tech stories, B) I'm hoping this doesn't turn out to be like the O.J. Trial (remember that?  I do, I'm old).

See one of my worries about tech news that with so many big stories, it's going to switch into Single Big Story Mode, whether there IS a Single Big Story or not.

Speaking as a person in his 40's, I remember when news was about a lot of stories.  Then came the entire O.J. Debacle, and the "regular" news got into the business of finding the Single Big Story.  If there wasn't one, they'd find one.  It's one of the contributors to current regular news . . . well kind of sucking really badly.

I'm a bit concerned it could happen to tech news.  We've had moments of Single Big Story, and I'm worried it could become a norm.

I'd really like to avoid that.  I don't think it's likely to happen.  But I have my moments of concern.

Steven Savage