Late Breaking Geekery 9-14-2011

And we've got a bit more news that rolled in . . .

Amazon has a content deal with Hearst.  If you think this isn't going to boost sales of the Kindletab (Tabkindle?  Kindlelet?  We need a nickname) you're not paying attention.  Hearst is huge and has access to a complete ton of content.  Takeaways:

  • Amazon has its fingers in big AND small publishing.  So they're covering a lot of bases.
  • This is a big deal and is free publicity.
  • Amazon should have your resume.

Wal-Mart acquires a mobile/social ad targeting startup known as OneRiot.  Sounds like they're interested in their data mining, but I'd note that WalMart is moving heavily into the social space – and having a mobile ad network can pay off in other ways.  Though I've waffled on the possibility of a Wal-Mart ecosystem, having the ability to, say, get ads on it could make it more viable.  Imagine if you will a free Wal-Mart tablet with ads . . .

Steven Savage