Frustration Friday: You Know, You All Can’t Win

So GameStop has a kind of approved/branded Tablet.  Amazon has a tablet.  Everyone else has a tablet.  And I just keep thinking . . .

. . . not everyone can win.  At least not everyone can be The Tablet.

I mean it's obvious, right?  But I the thing is that a lot of Tablets don't seem to be specialized, or pitched at a specific audience (even the GameStop tablet), but an attempt to create a Universal Device.  It's obvious that in a fight to be The One, not everyone can win.

Maybe some companies hope to be One of The Ones (in many cases that seems to be Google's plan), but I just get the intuiton that down deep people think their companies will "Win".

And not everyone can or will.  Worse I think the attempt to be The One may prevent some companies from achieving legitimate successes.

Steven Savage