News Of The Day 9/16/2011

Sorry folks, your reporter for a today is a bit under the weather, so this roundup may be a tad light.

This is unpleasant – Michael Bloomberg thinks unemployed graduates can mean economic-driven riots in 2013.  This fits Paul Kedrosky's predictions, and he's pretty level-headed.  I obviously hope not, but this was said in front of congress.  I'd watch this to see if this concern has legs and makes its way to larger media (as the US isn't handling it's economic problems very well I can see inappropriate reactions to this news).

A few thoughts on the continuing EuroCrisis to read.  I agree they're really trying to delay or soft-land the inevitable.

The AT&T/T-Mobile lawsuit draws in several states. I consider this a pile-on and think now it's not going to happen. Which leaves AT&T a bit more vulnerable, and other mobile carriers with an idea of where the boundaries are – and they'll plan accordingly.  Note, I consider all bets off if this gets into the political sphere, and it may well with the elections.

RIM continues to slump.  No one is surprised.  Allow me to reiterate – get out.  The people that thought RIM could turn it around are now wrong.

The picking over of Border's corpse is progressing.  Sad, but also important to follow. (EDIT: I had put Barnes and Noble, which I blame either on illness or seeing into a parallel universe.)

Social Media:
Some depatures from the Twitter board. Not sure if it means anything, but this is TWITTER, so we have to report on it.  I still wonder what their next step is as things are awful quiet.

Google is working on it's own newsreader in the vein of Flipboard/Zite. I'm surprised it took them this long. Interesting questions – what of ads and will it be on iOS?  Google's disruprive approach means they're probably targeting this for a reason – so what is that reason?

Reflections on Netflix and it's pricing plan and occasional PR issues. Also a good note – TV in some ways IS improving.

Video Games:
71% of iPad Owners Play games. If you work on iPad games, you may now make a 'Ka-Ching' noise.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:Will RIM manage to save itself?

Steven Savage