News Of The Day 9/22/2011

HP In The News
This is a rumor, but I report it so we can follow it – HP will replace Leo Apotheker with Meg Whitman as CEO. I find Whitman's past political campaign to have shown signs of questionable competence, despite her performance at eBay (which I can say here in Silicon Valley is also questioned despite eBay's amazing growth). Throw in her failed political bid on top of HP's problem, and no matter her actual competence, it may not fix HP's image problem (and may make it worse by throwing in a would-be governor into the toxic mix of publicity problems).

HP hasn't convinced me they can reverse this slide yet.

Yep, A lot is happening in Facebook. Among what we have so far:

At the same time this all seems to be too much, you know? Like they're trying too hard.

The sharing of data with others is a good sign, but in another way can push them to irrelevance.

Geek Law:
What the new patent laws mean to gaming. End result – not good.  Speed is not necessarily a benefit here.

. . . and now we get Sabrina the Teenage Witch as emo magical girl?

Sure Hulu has problems, but It's still growing and plans to invest some $375 million in new content. Their future is still dicey, but the seem to be managing to keep growing.

And Dish makes it's move with A streaming service out to compete with Netflix. Not surprising, and I have to wonder if knowing this was coming was part of Netflix's recent strategies. Oh speaking of that . . .

On top of this Netflix is integrating with Facebook except in the US due to legal issues (which may change).

Lots of disruption in the video space, keep your eyes open. I'm still bullish on Netflix, but Dish is playing smart.

Video Games:
OnLive opens its streaming gaming service in the UK. Notice how these guys keep going but there's little said about them?

Steven Savage