T-14 Days: Thanks, I think

As everyone knows I go through Lulu for most of my physical books and for ePub and PDF format.  For Kindle, of course I go through Amazon.  It's how I did Fan To Pro, Convention Career Convention, and the Best-Of Books.

So I'm going to release "Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers"

So here I am, and now?  Lulu has some new ePub converters and such available for iBookstore and Nook distribution.

I should be happy.  Hell, I've loved what Smashwords did with Meatgrinder.  But . . .

Now I have a question.  Do I do the ePub myself or try their converter?

See this will make my life easy – except to see if it WILL I have to try it out, and then if it's close-but-not-quite, I have to decide how much time to put into it.

Here's somethign to remember if you're self-published; things are changing.  Rapidly.  YOU will need to keep up on them and pace yourself.

Me?  I gotta find another spare 2-3 hours to try this thing out . . .

Steven Savage