News of The Day 9/29/2011

Kindle Fire
Like we weren't going to be discussing further.

  • Yes, there are concerns about the Silk browser since it uses the Amazon EC2 cloud to accelerate and store data, raising privacy concerns. Don't expect this to go away.
  • Amazon's strength? Consumer data.  Well, it's a consumer device – note though this could give any rivals an in to hammer them on privacy – as well.

Nokia makes cuts in some of its mapping/commerce division.  May want to be careful there.

Social Media:
A look at why Facebook's frictionless sharing has many problems.  Some good insights – we're really in a realm of unintended consequences media/social wise anymore.

Meg Whitman will work for $1 a year at HP. Which is good considering the ton of money HP paid Apotheker to poke some holes in the hull of their ship. Probably a good confidence-building move on Whitman's part – or their part.

As no one didn't expect, Apple is obviously phasing out boxed software.

And the ecosystem rolls on, Microsoft making a bunch of deals to carry content from Comcast (there could be a complex alliance), Verizon, and more coming (including Sony Pictures Crackle). This is a lot of deals – which really starts turning the XBox into a service.

Roger Ebert provides some useful analysis of Netflix's future – he's positive on it.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How long will we keep hearing about the Kindle Fire?

Steven Savage