T-6 Days: Into The Arena, With New Friends

T-6 Days for the publshing of "Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Career."

Well, tonight I go and see if I can get the Kindle and ePub formatting together.  Applying all my hard-won past lessons (when the flashbacks weren't too much), I actually got things working pretty well.  The latest version of Jutoh runs smoothly, and if all goes well I'll end the evening with two rough formats.  The Kindle one should be good, the ePub may need slight tweaking depending on some Lulu ISBN changes.

The PDF?  That's easy.  Worst part there, ironicaly, is regular formatting to make it fit, well, the standard format.

So wish me luck.

I'm also getting review requests!  So if you want to review the book, contact me and let me know about your website, etc. and we'll talk.  Heck, I might have a Kindle/ePub version ready for you . . .

I also like the review requests as it keeps extending one of the awesome parts of doing this – meeting amazing people.  It's not just people to review my books, it's meeting folks with similar interests.

But now, I walk into the Valley of Formatting . . .

Steven Savage