News Of The Day 10/20/2011

BofA keeps dying, movies get a new lease on life, and Crunchyroll rules the world. Geek news time!

A nice, cynical look at the inevitable death of Bank of America, and the fact some people should be in deep trouble over some deals. Worth reading if you want a bit of a better view, and if you're feeling a need to be cynical and depressed. Let me repeat – don't send them a resume and frankly, don't bank with them.

Anime and Manga:
Crunchyroll is going to just stream some stuff right from Japan. I'm not surprised, though I still feel that Crunchyroll is in a kind of ninja mode and people are so used to it they don't appreciate it's power. Or what would happen if someone bought them . . .

Amazon eying Kindle for Japan this year? Nice move, gizmo-friendly population, though it may loose them some allies.

Troma selling the rights for two remakes, in this case "Class of Nuke 'Em High" and "Poultrygeist." Weirdly the "Nuke 'Em High" series is still continuing. Considering Troma has a lot of well-known and semi-known cult classics under their belt, they may see this as a moneymaking opportunity of the first magnitude.

Social Media:
Facebook getting into the job scene? It's in an initial stage obviously, but this is intriguing on a number of grounds:

  • It makes them compete with LinkedIn. What that means? I'm not sure, but LinkedIn is good at what they're doing.
  • They're taking on job search sites as well.
  • It keeps them doing their throw-it-at-the-wall strategy, which I question frankly.
  • Can they truly formalize the way Facebook is used for Jobs? I'm curious as to what they'd do.

Microsoft has record revenues thanks to XBox and servers. Frankly for all the past mistakes, the Xbox is an awesome device, and some of the server offerings are . . . well anyway. Microsoft seems to be doing well for this economy.

Technology and bad news:
BuyWithMe has huge layoffs – I never even HEARD of these guys and they're in a death spiral. Probably a good warning that just because you never heard of a company does not mean extensive research isn't in order. Man.

Groupon's IPO value is dropping. Frankly I wonder if they're in a race to get it done – then sell off. It's future isn't promising.

Video Games:
Free realms reaches 20 million people. Impressive, though they haven't discussed active gamers. Free Realms kind of got eclipsed lately – maybe we should pay attention?

How Angry birds conquered all. Good read.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:So can Facebook make it as a job search tool?

– Steven Savage