Survey Sunday Roundup: What Do You Want?

No, it's not related to Babylon 5, but we asked what people want to get out of Survey Sunday.  The results gave us some direction:

  • 33.3% – Insights into careers.
  • 50.0% – Insights into trends.
  • 33.3% – Insights into current news.
  • 66.7% – Insights that really make me think.
  • 50.0% – Humorous, weird, and unusual stuff.
  • 66.7% – A better understanding into how progeeks think.
  • 16.7%  – Deep analysis.

This was helpful – it sounds like people want survey sunday to be thought provoking, help people see what others think, and maybe be a bit offbeat.  Trends were more important than current news, and it seems like few people are looking for career info from Survey Sunday.

Thanks folks!  Keep up the suggestions – and I'll be putting these to use!

Steven Savage