T-4 Days: Levels of Planning

Here we are, T-4 days for "Focused Fandom: Cosplay, Costuming, and Careers"

OK, maybe it was not a good idea to go to Japantown of San Jose today.

Or maybe it was.

Here's the thing, I needed a break, so I figured why not go there for a few hours for their "Spirit of Japantown" festival.  I had fun and it was nice.

Though now I'm in the final phase of formatting the PDF and my legs hurt.

It's weird really, there are many ways I could have planned the publishing of this book in a far more anal-retentive manner.  At the same time, I really wouldn't have granted myself the freedom to . . . well, stay sane.

Planning on something like this is a peculiar art.  I'm not even sure if I'm as good a planner as I could be on creating books – though I suppose doing one in 3 months is a good sign.

So, now the Kindle and ePub formats are basically working, back to PDF.  I know it'll work, but I have to format it closer to a print book, so back at it . . .

Steven Savage