Frustration Friday: Hey, Guess What? It’s Obvious It’s Not Obvious!

I seriously encourage people to share their progeekery.  I want to encourage you, all of you reading this to mentor people and share your career and job search secrets.  I want to encourage all of you NOT reading this to do it, but the mind control module for the site isn't ready yet.

But let me warn you about one thing – what you think is obvious isn't.

Right now, you're assuming someone else knows what you know, thinks like you think, and as smart and experienced (and indeed good-looking) as you are you are incredibly WRONG.

Do not assume anything is obvious when giving advice.  Do not assume people have read that book, used that website, know the way to tweak a resume, etc.  Don't.  If you assume people know something and they don't you will proceed merrily ahead and screw things up.

I'm not saying act like everyone is ignorant.  I'm saying that, when mentoring, remember that people may really not know what you know.  Be willing to explain a bit more, be willing to ask if someone gets something, and stop assuming people have had the same experiences you have.

It's a tough job market.  We have to not be ignorant of other people's ignorance when mentoring.

And you know, not like I've been here or anything . . .

Steven Savage