News Of The Day 11/3/2011

Groupon launches, and a lot of change is happening . . . and Greece is not looking good.

A look at what's up in Greece. Notes that there is some serious conflict and Greece might be out of eurozone according to some predictions. I'm wondering how the govertment/public disagreements might play out with the 99% movement in the US – though it seems NO ONE sympathizes with Greece.

Anime and Manga:
Sailor moon still at the top sales for graphic novels. No one surprised.

Graphicly makes an acquisition. Curious to see what they're up to – they don't seem to get in the news as much as others.

Jennifer Lopez to produce a live 'Carmen Sandiego' film. I'm kind of at a loss for words – but I figure Scott will analyze this in a few years!

The Nook tablet is set to take on the Kindle. It seems they're making a play as a more technically powerful device – which I'm not sure will work. Still it is on – and the holiday season approaches, so let's see what happens – and what else is next.

A look at the Kindle lending library. I think this is pretty smart overall – its a good business plan and builds good relationships. This is what Nook and others have to compete with – and it shows Amazon's moves are also good for building relationships. They need that since they're big enough to be in everyone's sights.

Social Media:
Groupon sounds like it's raised a lot of money – up to 30% over what was expected. I'm still very doubtful of them, so to me this is further to fall. Still, as always, I'll keep watch. I still predict a drop – and then a drop in enthusiasm.

Video Games:
RockYou cuts half its staff, This is not entirely a cut, but still it shows a lot of transitions – and i'd be careful seining any resumes right now.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So do you think Greece will leave the Euro.

Steven Savage