Frustration Friday: Oh, go and enjoy the metaphors

I got exceedingly goofy this week, with a sincere comparison of job searches and fighting games.

I felt a bit strange, yeah.  We probably all do as geeks.  Do want to admit we got ideas for a marketing campaig from MySims?  That we got inspired in our job search by Gurren Laagan?  No, we don't, we often fear looking geeky.

Well we may need to moderate what we say depending on our audience.  But we should never feel ashamed of it.

It works.

The utter, seeming stupidity of weird geeky inspirations is awesomely powerful.  It's the powerful strangeness that actually helps you get inspired because it it is so unusual.

It works.

It lets you communicate with others.  Your fellow geeks can share the inspiration.

It works.

Don't let anyone else tell you they're dumb, or stupid, or nerdy (well, they are, but not in a bad way).  They work.

So go on, have those weird, odd metaphors.  They work.

(Heck let me know if you want to write some up).

– Steven Savage