News Of The Day 11/18/2011

RIM gets weirder, Minecraft is out, and . . . well Nerd dating shows. Let's get to the news!

How many mortgages are underwater in your state. Helfpul, depressing, interactive graphic. Wow, is Nevada screwed . . .

Sign of the times? Anonymous job search site Please Poach Me. Not sure what to think, but interesting.

TLC orders a nerd dating reality show. I got nothing.

Some fascinating thoughts on media, the press, and what news is in the internet age.

OK, I admit it. I'm confused. three banks have upgraded RIM's outlook. Playbook sales are high thanks to deep discounts.

Video Games:
Minecraft has gone gold. I'll wait here while you get it.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, fine, what IS going to happen to RIM?

Steven Savage