Frustraton Friday: I Still Hate Black Friday

Well, it's Black Friday, and as I've mentioned many times before, I hate it.  I don't even need the shootings and peppery spray incidents to hate it, I've got many other reasons.  However these incidents do help crystallize many things I despite about the post-Thanksgiving chaos.

So prepare for another annual "I hate Black Friday" post, but done from my geek and geekonomic point of view.

First as I have noted before, it's a distorter of the economy and plans for the economy.  When so much of your plans revolve around Black Friday, it skews how you plan releases, advertising, and more.  I know people have to go along with it because it's a kind of tradition, but seriously.

Secondly, it puts strains on people keeping up with Black Friday.  How many smaller businesses (or saner businesses) have to deal with the Black Friday mess?  I've had opportunities to set my books up for a Black Friday sale (I didn't as I was busy), but it makes me wonder if I should – or if I have to.

Third, it's a cultural distorter.  Come on people, are we this crazed for new merch?  I mean seriously – last night I and the gang took a drive and saw lines around Best Buy.  Really, is it worth it?

Fourth, it uses mindshare.  How much time is being spent talking about this mess than, say, SOPA?  Yeah, exactly.  Even this very column is in a way  waste of time.  Which is really ironic, but I'm not stopping here, since I'm on a roll.

Fifth, it uses long-term mindshare.  It's a distorter of perspective, and it keeps us from looking at serious economic issues.

So yeah, it's Black Friday, and I'm going to be home watching some ridiculous anime and playing Skyrim.  Happily.

On the plus side, my Champagne Turkey Baste was awesome, let me know if you want the recipe.

Steven Savage