News Of The Day 11/28/2011

Black Friday News, dark news about the bank bailout, and a cloud over Zynga.  Not your most pleasant day . . . but things may look up for Hulu!

News Of The Day: Economics/Geekonomics:
Sure Black Friday had some good numbers – but look what it took to get them. Something to consider as this Black Friday did see a lot of odd hours, extended deals, and more – and those cost money/profits. So take any numbers you see with a few grains of salt – and keep following this to see what the results are.

The details on the bank bailouts are coming to light. It's not pleasant – and wasn't always public or even explained to elected officials. This is a huge list so take your time reading it. There's a lot of nasty bits here which may affect a lot of public opinion/political actions if the public pays attention.

A self-taught computer geek asks how to get a job at Slashdot. Plenty to chew over here for you geeks and computer types who have taken a similar route.

Hulu Plus May Expand to Germany. This of course helps them take on Netflix in a way – and Germany provides them a relatively unique ground to work in. If Hulu makes it it may breathe life into the ambitious, but erratic, venture, and change competition on streaming video.

Video Games:
There's worry ove Zynga's future and it's not exactly surprising. Internal culture problem, acquisition failures, and a flat release. Of course this is even more important with an IPO coming up – and with the luster off of some current IPOs (Hint: Groupon), it may not help them at IPO time.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:Is the bloom off of Zynga's rose?

Steven Savage