Promoting Professional Geekery #14: Start Triading

It's no secret I was deeply influenced by Tribal Leadership.  This gives me a chance to promote it yet again, but also to give you another way to promote professional geekery – and one of my favorite.


Triading is basically when you introduce/interact with two people together – as a triad.

Triading is wonderful and has influenced a lot of my professional work, my geeky work, and more.  Really when it comes down to it it's putting two people together and working with them.  That's it – but if you think about it that's how people interact best.

In fact, I find Triads both evolve naturally and are useful concepts for building relationships and organizations.  Think of them like parts of that strong and famous structure, the geodesic dome.

So triads are powerful social and group building tools.  Your goal is to start introducing your progeny friends to each other – as a triad.

Hook up that artist and that writer in a discussion, introduce them and them have a 3-way discussion.  Put together those two people looking for work and see if they can help each other.  Put together your professionally geeky friends in triads and build some relationships.

This helps people truly interested connect in strong relationships – and relationships that can come together to produce strong groups.  As professional geeks we definitely need those.

Steven Savage