Geek As Citizen: The Marketing Only Life, Culture, And General Annoyance

Earlier this week I discussed how we have to accept the fact that marketing is part of our lives as geeks, careerists, and people living in the 21st century. Marketing is not an anomaly of the human condition, it is … Continue reading

Geek Job Guru: The Danger of Hobby Burnout

We always hear about burnout. People are burnt out. They’re burnt out on the jobs. Burnout is a concern as we work in a meandering economy during a time of technological and social transition. You could get burnt out just … Continue reading

Way With Worlds: Views, Lenses, and Your True Main Character

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum at at MuseHack] Writing your world up is one thing. You can take notes, document everything, draw up timelines, and so forth. That’s a matter of technique, imagination and, frankly, your ability to write everything down. … Continue reading