Marketing For Self-Published Authors and Artists (March 2019)

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.) So as promised, every few months I’m going to update my findings on marketing for indies.  Most of this is oriented towards self-published authors like myself, … Continue reading

Geek As Citizen: The Marketing Only Life, Culture, And General Annoyance

Earlier this week I discussed how we have to accept the fact that marketing is part of our lives as geeks, careerists, and people living in the 21st century. Marketing is not an anomaly of the human condition, it is … Continue reading

Geek Job Guru: Marketing Is Inevitable

Ever get tired of how we pros “have to market”? You see ads all over the internet hawking things from megacorporation products to people’s webcomics. “Personal Branding,” a term I’m fond of, seems to be on it’s way to becoming … Continue reading

A Game Of Chicken

Well, OK, Chick-Fil-A is having some medieval-themed “Date Knight” event. This event encourages sons to take their mothers out to Chick-Fil-A. It appears to be something to encourage family bonding via a kind of knights-and-damsels themed event. OK, so look … Continue reading