News Of The Day 11/8/2011

Banks in trouble, lots of news in games, and more Eva merchandising!

Absolutely savory chart porn: A look at the 2011 IPO market. Plenty of gems here, so enjoy with a nice white wine and some chips.

The Financial Stability Board calls out 29 Systemically DANGEROUS banks. Note this is a lot of big names – hope your money isn't in any of them.

Anime and Manga:
Evangelion energy Drinks? Yes, you can get the rush of Shinji Ikari in a bottle! It just doesn't end . . .

Kindle Cloud Reader comes to Firefox. That's an HTML5 app that is basically a portable Kindle (er, you know what I mean). It's both good placement and an end-run around Apple.

Amazon is unsubscribing people from some of its email lists. They cite people may have "deal fatigue." Unsubscribing people deliberately as you may be overdoing it? An honest and interesting move – and it shows savvy on Amazon's part.

Two interesting startups get some sweet funding. Might want to check these guys out.

Video Games:
Just curious: Ubisoft releases a kind of drawing tablet for the Wii. I wonder what this means next for them – Ubisoft innovates in a lot of areas, some not always obvious.

Nexon plans to go public, and let me say first that I'm pretty bullish on them in a gut level. They deliver a lot of good stuff. Now tempering my enthusiasm, I figure they'll be overvalued no matter what – but this could give them a lot of cash to go farther, and that may put the competition (I'm looking at you Gree) on notice.

DC Universe's Free To Play meant huge growth, of 1000%. Now if they can monetize this is the other question, but it may be a good lesson in the short-term advantage of F2P.

I also have to agree the Phoenix Wright movie looks good.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you trust your bank?

Steven Savage