Use Your Job In Your Hobby

We're here to encourage professional geekery, of taking your fantoms and making them your profession.  But I'd like to take a moment to encourage the reverse.

Yes, I'd like to encourage you to think about how you can do your regular job in your hobbies (assuming there's enough of a difference).

Now we'd love to drag our hobbies into our jobs, so encouraging the reverse may seem different.  Aren't we trying to encourage you to take your hobbies and make them into jobs?

So here's what I'm thinking . . .

What Do I Mean By Using your Job In Your Hobby?

Basically, applying your skills and abilities used professionally to your hobby/fan/geek areas.  If you're a programmer, help with a web page.  If you're a Project Manager go organize something.  If you're working in a fast food restaurant, use the customer service skills in and man the help table at a con.  Use what you get paid for in your hobby.

Right now you're educated at something, trained in something, and doing something for a living (if not, well, let us know and we can make suggestions).  So use it in your fandom – chances are it's needed somewhere.

OK, so why do that?

Simple – and not so simple.

First, it's a way to do things in your fandom/hobby that work because you're already doing them.  It lets you make more friends, accomplish more tasks, and make things happen in what you love.  Even if you hate your job, it may help you do some good with the skills you use in that much-despised work – and you may be good at them.

Second, it can actually help you enjoy your job.  if you use your skills and abilities in an enjoyable situation then when you use them at work, it may take the edge/stress/raging hatred off.  If nothing else you can remember how you can do some things you like with your abilities.

Third, it may open your imagination for the job.  Doing your job in your hobbies may give you ideas for work – if you're an administrator who arranged things at a convention, you may get ideas for using on the job.  This may let you improve your job with insights from your hobbies.

Fourth, it's great on a resume and to tell people about in your job search.  It looks pretty impressive, I've seen that in person.

Fifth and finally, it may give you ideas for using your job skills and your fannish knowledge to create and do your own geeky job.  The alchemical mixture of hobby and paycheck-prodding may be inspiring to you – and to others.

Take inventory of your skills and position(s) at work and ask where they apply to your hobbies (I'd note a convention needs almost any skill set).  The benefits are worth it.

Take it from the Project Manager who still organizes things at home and at work and at cons . . .

Steven Savage