News Of The Day 11/9/2011

OK this is a big day for tech news. So let's launch into it.

Adobe is no longer working on Flash for mobile, but instead on enabling HTML5 delivery (via Adobe AIR). Well, we knew this was coming in one form or another, but with Adobe behind HTML5, there you go – the future.

Meanwhile Adobe cut 7% of it's staff.

The Kindle Fire will launch with a lot of apps. They've also got some big names lined up for their story like EA and Zynga. Sounds like they've got all their bases covered for must-have apps.

it bought voice-to-text startup Yap. The article speculates that this is to create a Siri, but there's many reasons to have good voice-rec (like, say, taking dictation).

Infograph on the Occupy Wall Street (and more) movement.

A report on the impact of the recession on this generation. Long, but may be worth it.

Why America has a cybersecurity problem. May give you some career ideas – and give you pause.  Technology can't be treated as separate from culture and other issues.

Google stops supporting RIM Gmail app – Look, it's over, just recongize it . . .

The young are less interested in for-pay TV. We're probably witnessing a cultural shift.

Video Games:
Game Of Thrones to become a ton of games. I probably should check it out, but anyway look at this as an example of what companies want to try. That also suggests the next big adaption is going to pretty much be this level of insanity (unless this level of insanity fails).

World of Warcraft lost 800,000 subscribers over last quarter. Wow. Well, I don't think it's time to start a deathwatch, but it certainly makes one think they'll be doing some massive retention strategy.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:So how far can WoW subscription fall – and what can bring it back?

Steven Savage