Survery Sunday: Video Made The Writing Star

So with "Wild Cards" getting optioned after George R.R. Martin's success with "Game of Thrones," I had some questions.  Looks like we didn't get a lot of response, probably as I first mucked up the link, but . . .

1. So it appears George R.R. Martin's "Wild Cards" may be headed to filmdom. What other books, comics, or similar series do you feel is just in need of becoming a movie or a television series/miniseries.

  • "Sector General" by James White could easily be updated – and a lot of the stories would still fit – plus, hey, medical drama in space? I'd like to see expansions on the Mythbusters concept to explore all sorts of ideas in a more controlled setting – and perhaps get a movie release of some great big myths. Also I think "Doom Patrol" of the Morrison era would be a good adaption, as would Giffen/DeMatis Justice League.
  • The "Space Cops" books by Diane Duane – a police procedural in space. The Diana Tregarde books by Mercedes Lackey – urban fantasy mysteries. The SERRAted Edge series by Mercedes Lackey and Mark Shepard – urban fantasy set around a racing team. "Cloak & Dagger", the comic books, probably best as a TV series with a somber overtone. (Is it cheating to add an unpublished work of mine, "Subject 13", here?)
  • – Naoki Urasawa's "20th Century Boys" – Osamu Tezuka's "Ode to Kirihito" – Lian Hearn's "Otori" books – Hiroki Endo's "Eden" – Kentaro Miura's "Berserk" (which is getting a re-adaptation, but a live-action version would work best as a miniseries) – Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" books – A non-fiction TV series: one based on Douglas Hofstader's "Gödel, Escher, Bach"

Some interesting stuff here.  I'm groving on the iea of Hofstader shows myself.

But this is about progeekery, so . . .

2. If your adaptions or adaptions were to happen, what would be your dream job involving said adaptions?

  • Project Manager of course – can you imagine the resources to coordinate on ANY adaption?
  • In all cases, scriptwriter, with an eye on bringing the feel of the books over to the screen; the "script translator". Possibly assistant director. (In the cheating case, head writer, assistant director, producer, and chief bottle washer.)
  • Screenwriter or director, of course.

Of course you can see which one is MY response . . .

So what do you folks think of adaptions?

Steven Savage