Facebook: New York Branch Adds Engineering, and More Hires Coming

The article says it all.  To break it down:

  • The NY Branch, which is mostly marketing, is getting an Engineering Branch.  This maks sense on many levels – it adds more location diversity, gives them a technical footprint, increases recruiting opportunities, and lets then interface with bigwigs.
  • There will be hiring in Palo Alto and Seattle as well.

So frankly if you want to work for Facebook, send your resume, though I'd suspect if you're an NY Engineer you'll want to do research because I suspect this will be a team they have specific plans for.

Two questions come up here:

  • Will Facebook move any jobs?  I'm not sure.  I wouldn't expect anything significant until after the NY Branch is "stocked up."
  • Will this change the character of the company.  I can certainly see claims of it if the NY Branch gets bit.

Steven Savage