More SOPA Updates

It just keeps coming despite the impending holiday.

So le'ts get to my roundup.

  • GoDaddy isn't just being smacked, it seems they're being made an example of.  I don't know their future, but if you work there, you're probably going to want to keep an open mind on new employment – and remember being there may now tarnish you.  I haven't seen this level of hatred for awhile.
  • SOPA awareness is increasing all the time – and the GoDaddy thing fuels it.  Getting SOPA/PIPA through Congress is going to become next to impossible, though I do expect people to try.  Stay aware of this.
  • There are more holes in the "Pro-SOPA/PIPA" alliance than we thought and more are forming.  I'm also thinking this makes the US Chamber of Commerce look even worse – and they've been in political crosshairs for awhile for their positions and backing.  There may be further political fallout for them, and believe me they're not liked in some areas.
  • This has increased awareness of how the U.S. government functions – and doesn't.  It could become a catalyst or a bigger political issue.
  • Some companies took a beating in this (most noteably Google).  Now's a chance for a turnaround.  SOPA non-support could be a powerful political/marketing/reputational tool.
  • Despite SOPA support some companies are going to get forgiven pretty quickly, let's be honest about that.

Steven Savage