Survey Sunday Roundup: Cultural Infusions

Just a note, since a lot of you are on vacation, busy, or otherwise occupied, Survey Sunday is going to skip a week.  We'll pick it up next week, when you're merely hung over from New Years.

So we asked . . . (and by the way due to a glitch I had to adjust things slightly)

1. Right now there's a lot of media popular in North America that comes from Britain and Japan. So what other countries do you expect to affect North American media in the next decade?

  • India – 33.3%
  • South Korean – 33.3%
  • South America (General) -33.3%
  • Europoe (General) – 16.7%
  • China – 33.3%
  • Australia – 16.7%
  • Middle East – 16.7%
  • Northern Europe – 16.7%

The end results were . . . well frankly entirely not surprising.  I expected more variance but pretty much it was Asia, India, and South America which is not surprising at all.

Honestly, I gotta challenge you folks more . . .

Steven Savage