The Munsters: Taking Team Edward Too Far

Well the news is in on the possible 'Munsters' Remake.

It's TrueTwiBloodsters.

Basically it's a younger-Twilight where Eddie copes with werewolfism, mom is some kind of flesh-eater, and I'm pretty sure gramps won't be rocking out in his Dragula.  It's the Munsters with most everything changed to protect the innocent.

Beyond my weird reaction of amusement and disgust, I wonder if we've got a trend here.  We saw Teen Wolf go Twiangsty (which seems thematically inappropriate, but at least Michael J. Fox was a heartthrob in his younger days).  So now Munsters gets Twilight and True Blood infusions – so is the next big thing repurposing older properties to take advantage of the whole Vampire/Werewolf/Romance/YA trend?

Ridiculous?  Maybe, but consider that there's assorted properties to repurpose, the whole vampire market apparently has more lives than its inspirations, and remakes have an air of safety (even when it's slapping a name on something else).  Plus you probably have much clearer property negotiations than with the latest hot YA/Vampire/Whatever series.

It makes sense.  In it's own way.

Not that I'm happy with this – but it's a trend we progeeks may want to look for, if only to be ready for it's impact.

Steven Savage