Career-relevant news in gaming!

Career Alert: A new game site appears to be in the works. Start looking people – it seems the folks at Vox Media's been grabbing talent. You might find some oppose here.


  • Vox has a past history of making things work – this may succeed.
  • A success may be especially bad for kotaku, in my opinion, which seems to have become "lamer" content wise (and they just lost some of their talent).
  • There may be job opportunities here.

Gaikai lines up more partnerships, showing the major rival to OnLive has major plans. Though I'm not sure that Best Buy partnership is going to last long-term.

Gaikai has a lot of ambition and one gutsy founder, and a deadline – new demos deployed on the web in 2012. Ambitious. Intriguing, and they're building some big partnerships.


  • Have you sent them a resume? They are hiring.
  • This is not just an "OnLive" competitor – these people do streaming. Much like OnLive they can become a Netflix competitor.
  • The web-embed technology gives them a chance to reach people and provide more services. They may make some deals that may not have them being public – but their technology will be.

Steven Savage