Economic Misery News!

Well time for me to be bearer of bad economic tidings again.  So here's what's in the headlines today.

Kodak stock falls on rumors of bankrupcy.  It sounds like they don't need rumors – the company seems to be in trouble and is trying to stay afloat selling assets.


  • They don't sound long for this world, frankly – so if you're there, consider getting out.
  • If they do go bankrupt/out of business, it'll have some impact psychologically, but frankly no one will be that surprised.
  • If they get bought out/broken up there may be some opportuities.

American Economic Mobility is kinda bad.  This is not news to anyone who's been paying attention, but the fact it's getting this much discussion is important – and this article takes a look at some fine details that take it out of the "oh, yeah" class of writing.  Lots to chew on here, and a few surprises (I wasn't aware of some of the family demographic details, for instance).

Steven Savage