ACTA Protests All Over

The article shows how people are protesting against it – and more.  Maps, quotes and more will help you get an idea of how incredibly angry people are.

Money Quote: "This is not Hollywood versus Silicon Valley, as oldmedia likes to frame it. This is Hollywood versus The People."

To bring it a bit more into focus for the blog, it appears a lot of businesses who make media have continued to make a lot of enemies who are very aware – and are unifying.  This is big for us who speak to progeekery because you can expect A) some strange last-gasp activities from Big Media, and B) A lot of changes, reactions, overreactions, new ventures, and more to come out of this.

It also means, beyond the great political and economic and ethical discussions, those of us working in media are going to face – one way or another – a vastly different future than we we would have expected years or decades ago.  It's only how the change will be handled that differs.

Steven Savage