3/7/2012: The Inevitable Apple Roundup

OK, yes, lots of Apple announcements today, so let’s get to ’em because they announced a ton of stuff.

  • A new iPad, which surprises no one. Sounds like they’re focusing on better visuals (both display and camera) for this one, plus a lot of extraws (LTE, acting as a hotspot, etc.) All these changes (and adapted software), are really pushing the iPad towards a kind of “everyunit.”
  • Apparently the latest Siri will have a dictation function, further confirming Apple’s focus on voice. I imagine the people at Nuance are a bit nervous, and rightfully so. If course they probably saw the writing on the wall awhile ago, which would explain their further move into medicine.
  • Surprising no one, the new Apple TV is coming. It doesn’t sound radically different – then again, Apple doesn’t DO radically different. It’s mostly some new integration, better interface, and so on – though I figure it’s going to get better support. My guess is it’s still being figured out, since some of it is basically turning a TV into a big monitor.
  • An iOS upgrade, but that’s probably the most boring announcement.

What’s intriguing to me is that this is all evolutionary not revolutionary – but that’s exactly what Apple does. There’s little that’s unexpected, but you can slowly see all the plans coming together in what’s obviously a suite of integrated devices and opportunities, really extending previous Apple plans.

A few takeaways:

  • Nuance, as I noted, may have seen the writing on the wall.  If you’re in tech ask yourself what companies may become redundant as common consumer tech advances – and then ask if you’re working in those areas.
  • Apple TV still doesn’t seem quite “fully formed” to me.  I’m waiting to see what more they do (though it’s cheap enough I may get one).  I think we’ve got a few iterations to go, at least software-wise, for it to evolve to it’s full potential.  This gives competitors an in.

Steven Savage