The Hunger Games Takes in $155 million this weekend.

The story is here.

First, from everything I’m hearing, this shouldn’t be surprising as the books are popular.  In fact, as we’ve seen movies can get panned and still do well if tied to a popular property.  I just saw “Transformers” this weekend (don’t worry, with Rifftrax) and it was dismal – but still made money.

However, the reviews of Hunger Games paints it as an actually good film with an exceptional lead actress, and a film that overcame narrative challenges.  It’s sounding like an adaption done right – and an adaption to learn from.

My Takeaways:

  • It’s pretty clear we’ll get a sequel.  The timeliness of some of the issues may also help.
  • I think this gives a boost to the YA/Teen adaption genre again since it sounds like an authentically good movie, thus winning over skeptics.  Of course this also means another round of development hell for the various licensed properties out there (I, myself, think Incarceron has a shot at being impressive).
  • This is also a boost for adaptions/remakes in Hollywood, which is A) out of ideas, and B) glad to adapt stuff that definitely will sell.  So, an odd side effect I see of this is less true originality.
  • The rather brutal nature of the subject matter may actually be refreshing in Hollywood and it’s weirdly sanitized violence.
  • Though it sounds like “Hunger Games” has a chance to rank up there with the Potter films in the “Holy crap, it’s a good adaption” category, I still am not sure any of the lessons of good filmmaking with percolate into film culture.  I’m a cynic.

– Steven Savage