Executive Shuffles In Techworld?

We know yahoo has a new CEO, who I’m guessing wouldn’t take the job if she didn’t have a plan.

Netflix has a new CMO.

THQ has a new VP of Production.

I’m smelling a lot of executive shuffling right now.  OK actually I’m seeing it since news doesn’t smell like much of anything, but you get the idea.

Now all these companies have had their ups and downs, even Netflix (which causes their own problems).  But three big changes at three companies in this short time . . . makes me think that they (and probably others) are gearing up for big things, or hopeful big things.  You don’t make some of these changes without planning to MAKE changes.

So this is your friendly progeek’s nudge to keep an eye on these companies and see wht happens – and to look for other exeuctive shuffles.  If this is a trend, we may be seeing a lot of changes in tech . . . which, come to think of it, I’m expecting.

– Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a Geek 2.0 writer, speaker, blogger, and job coach for professional and potentially professional geeks, fans, and otaku. He can be reached at https://www.stevensavage.com/