Steve’s Job Search 2012: Miscellaneous Findings

Whew, well that was weeks of posts on what I found in the job search.  It’s just about over, but now that we’re done with what I found in general, I want to share a few miscellaneous findings and discoveries that don’t warrant full entries.

  • There are openings at least in some areas.  A lot of recruiters I talked to were very busy.  In fact . . .
  • There isn’t enough talent available for some jobs.  Yes, there are more jobs going unfilled (again in some businesses and locations) than you may realize.
  • HR and Recruiting is at times its own worst enemy because of speed.  People who really want jobs, and want them fast, don’t have time for slow recruiting processes.  No small amount of recruiters I talked to kept loosing people just due to the speed factor.
  • Job boards (and even job news) is not always a good measure of a company or industry’s staffing needs.  Sometimes that’s kept very quiet.
  • Odds are unless you’re a serious careerist, your job search skills are sub-par for this market at this time.  It’s so odd, unusual, and requires a lot of media savvy.
  • People who are very good at the job search probably set an unnaturally high standard for those in recruiting.  Someone who can make a killer resume, cover letter, portfolio, charm everyone at all interviews, and pass a test is awesome – but really how many people who are truly talented can do all that perfectly?  I think the ability to pimp out your job search materials and so forth has set unrealistic expectations.
  • Still, I think a lot of people are just plain lousy at the job search.  I think a lack of empathy is a big part of it – they just don’t realize how they come off.
  • More and more contracting places seem to offer benefits.  Some contract companies are doing what was big in the late 90’s – essentially treating contract staff as full-time employees.  That could be a good sign.
  • If you’re willing to take a longer commute, it may be an advantage.
  • Speaking of commutes, know the transport system of your target area(s) really well.  It may help you not only get to work, but shows awareness in interviews.
  • Everyone knows the job search is insane.  Everyone.  No one is sure what to do about it as a whole, but everyone knows it makes no sense.

So I wish you luck in your job search – and let me know if there’s any lessons you learn.  You can blog about them here!

– Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a Geek 2.0 writer, speaker, blogger, and job coach for professional and potentially professional geeks, fans, and otaku. He can be reached at