Progress: Quest for Employment

So my rewrite of my “how I found a job fast in 2012” book has been named “Quest for Employment.”  Not sure that’s the best title, but then again I’ve never taken a lot of specific blog posts and made them into a booklet.  I have done general compilations, but not this.  So hey, I’ll take a lame title.

Anyway, I’ve had trouble getting back to it after a series of events, visits, and now illness.  So I plan to get back to it and try and finish it this month or at least early November.  The idea is to do it as a simple, low-priced, effective ebook, probably $1.99

What I want to do with it is take articles from my series and rework them into sort of a “plus” version.  The idea is that after completing a series, I could then improve it, enhance it, and take what I learned to create a coherent book.  So if people liked the series, wanted to get more, or just wanted a low-priced compilation, it’d be a great purchase.

I rather like this idea.  I get to create a great series (and in many cases blaze new trails), and then the lessons learned get applied to producing a great book.  I even validate that the idea is a good one.

Right now the state of the book is mostly re-editied, and I’m also adding useful resources to each section.  I also am adding “To Dos,” my rather famous thing from many of my books – saying what you have to do right after reading.  Always gets people motivated, and helps you feel active.

I’ll keep the updates here – because I ALSO have two other series I want to try this on if it works . . .

– Steven Savage

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