Link Roundup 7/30/2013

Whew, more news

Living, Working, And Environment:

Are we ready for more superstorms?  The answer is no.  So keep that in mind in your career, your living choices, and perhaps working to make sure we stop messing up the environment.

Phoneix and some other cities are going to have problems in the future.  Not surprising, but just think of what expanding population changing environment, and water issues mean to . . . well, ARIZONA.

OK gang, if you’re interested in green tech, recycling, or want one hell of a story twist for an SF novel, imagine this.  Sweden’s recycling means it’s running out of garbage.


Twitter is hiring with an IPO in mind.  You are not surprised.  You know what to do.  Also be fascinating to watch how this IPO goes (I think it’s probably seen as “truly valuable” so will do well).

Look, now Russia is jumping further on the censorship train.  The backer is also big on the anti-gay laws that have been passed as well.  Technical news, yes, but also a cultural and political warning.  I also wonder about the political fallout of this since now censorship efforts (like say, in the UK) have an embarrassing comparison to be wielded by opponents.

Video Technology:

Netflix profiles on Apple TV show a closer alliance.  Not surprised, Netflix partners easy and Apple obviously is making a play for the Living room like . . . well everyone.

– Steven